How We See It Inc. was created with the premise of breaking the stigma of therapy within the community. By breaking the stigma, we aim to educate, focus on total holistic mental wellness as well as to provide a platform to promote preventative measures to much more serious/ severe mental wellness/ illness issues that people frequently dismiss as not important, within our community. Some of the issues that How We See It Inc. brings is awareness to Depression, Anxiety, Suicide, Self Harm, Coping Skills, Self Esteem as well as making the already established resources known to the students and populations in which we engage. 

How We See It Inc. is requesting your financial support to help reach as many people as possible to achieve total engagement within the community through educational presentations in various schools, provide free fitness boot camp in the community, speak on various community panels and participate in government/ sub-council committees to implement various government programs. Your support would be greatly appreciated. 


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