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Our Objective

  • Stimulate self-motivation and self-discipline for personal excellence

  • Shift negative stereotypes and perspectives about receiving therapy

  • Provide mental health education about issues that are common among students

  • Identify coping skills to manage their mental health issues

  • Build interpersonal relationships among their friends, family and classmates

Duration:  60-90 minutes
Number of Participants:  10-30

Staff:  1-6 Licensed Mental Health Counselors

The Power in Self Expression

Hip Hop Therapy is an avenue which we use hip-hop music as a platform to discuss and educate the youth on the various aspects of mental health and mental health awareness. The topics include anxiety, depression, suicide, etc.


Through the use of Hip-Hop lyrics and content, the stage is set to provide valuable material which creates a dialogue with students. This exchange yields a deeper understanding of the importance of mental wellness and how to appropriately address mental issues when they arise


Hip Hop Therapy is an educational workshop that How We See It has implemented in schools across South Florida. The team goes to high school campuses and educate students about the symptoms and signs of mental health issues and other topics. After the presentation, students are then split up into groups to come up with their own freestyle demonstrating what they've learned.

Our purpose is to create a platform to open up the dialogue with the youth in the community. Our dialogue explores such questions as:

  • What does depression feel like?

  • What does it look like?

  • How does one positively deal with mental health issues?

  • Have you ever experienced any mental health issues?

  • What are challenges associated with depression and anxiety?​

Our dialogue has a two-fold impact:

1.     Participants will have a better understanding how to identify and deal with issues relative to maintaining a healthy mental posture

2.     Assist participants with increasing their empathy, identifying and understanding mental health issues in others, and the direct or indirect impacts of untreated mental health issues


Healing Through Hip Hop

Hip Hop Therapy uses modern music as a platform to open up discussion with students about mental illness/ wellness issues that are often discussed in media. By using self-written songs that have personal messages expressed throughout, we provide clarity and understanding to identify mental health issues through songs.

Our Format

Part 1: Discussion

Duration: (30 mins)
The Goal is to provide some Mental Health Education along with discussion about the various mental health issues that are impacting their lives. During this time, we will be addressing:

1) How to identify issues like anxiety, depression and self-esteem issues in a healthy manner

2) How to access resources to assist in resolving those issues


3) Coping skills and coping mechanisms


Part 2: Group Activity

Duration: (60 mins)
The goal of this activity is to increase the insight of the students as it pertains to mental health awareness while enabling students to express themselves within a safe space

The objective is for the participants to create a song with lyrics containing the information that was discussed in our collaborative discussion

At the conclusion of the exercise, each group will have to perform their final product in front of the group then analyze and discuss the meaning behind the exercise


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