How We See It Inc. was created with the purpose of breaking the stigma of therapy within minority communities. Our goal is to raise awareness by educating those around us, focusing on total holistic mental wellness in order to provide a platform that promotes preventative measures against more severe mental wellness ailments that people have been historically dismissive of.



Hip Hop Therapy

Hip Hop Therapy is an educational workshop that HWSI has implemented in schools across South Florida. The team goes to high school campuses and educate students about the symptoms and signs of mental health issues and other topics. After the presentation, students are then split up into groups to come up with their own freestyle demonstrating what they learned.

Sister Circle / Brother’s United

Sister Circle encompasses a Girl Power pampering workshop for young girls and a women’s empowerment group. S.C. hosts discussions and various other resources for women. Brothers United is a men’s empowerment group that also host discussions and resources for men. Within Brothers United there are events tailored to younger men and boys.

Fitness Boot Camps

How We See It’s  fitness boot camps are held two to four times a month on Hollywood beach where HWSI life coaches and fitness instructors come together to execute their pre-planned workout routines.